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 Teamspeak is being a *@!*

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Barrett Osis
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CZG Senior Admin
Barrett Osis

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Teamspeak is being a *@!* Empty
PostSubject: Teamspeak is being a *@!*   Teamspeak is being a *@!* EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 7:37 pm

Many of you know the teamspeak is logging people off all at once. I've been trying to trace this issue. I finally was watching the server when it went down. I cannot see an event log logging anything worth while, I cannot see any errors in the TS or Mysql logs.

I did notice one thing. I do not get kicked. for some odd reason. But I did notice I am running TS client version and I haven't seen anyone else running it. Here is the link.

download the updated executable, and replace it with your .exe file. This is my best guess for now. I have been working on this to the point my mind and eyes are weary thinking about it.

Also, if this doesn't work, I'm going to ask people to put their Teamspeak logging in to debug mode. To do this, Log into Teamspeak, select Settings (top right), options, other and then debug (lower right). Then hit apply.

If it happens after this, I'll be looking for your TS client logs for diagnostic purposes. To find this file, it is in your Teamspeak directory and is called TSClient.

I do apologize for the inconvience. Even if this doesn't work, please make sure you are set to auto reconnect. Thanks.
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Teamspeak is being a *@!*
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