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 Paintball Updates

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PostSubject: Paintball Updates   Paintball Updates EmptyThu Feb 19, 2009 1:28 pm


I got a call from the Fran Bar Paintball, we are confirmed for 10-12 players on Saturday 21st. We can show up anytime around 12:00pm-12:30pm (or as close as possible) and the field is open until 5pm. If we meet at the Hotel around noon we can be over there around 12:20ish, stop and get paint (across the street) and be there close to 12:30pm.


I will print forms for all of us to sign before we get there. This will save time once we arrive.

The updated costs are as follows......

If you rent their stuff.... $35 ($5 back at the end as long as you dont break/lose anything - deposit)
The $35 includes, $25 rental, $5 "bring your paint", and $5 barrel plug armband deposit (this you get back if you are good).

If you bring your own.... $10-$20 (not sure if you need $5 deposit)

Paint (and other PB supplies) is sold across the street and starts at $32.95 for 2000 rounds. Depending on how many of us there are and how much you waste (I know some of you cant shoot worth !@#$), we can get more if needed. We can talk about whether each buys their own of we all go in together for a better price. We can debate that when we get there to see what the prices are. 200-500 rounds per person is normal but hard to tell each person varies a lot based on your play style.
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Paintball Updates
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