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 Tales of Valor Information, Multiplayer/Single player

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Tales of Valor Information, Multiplayer/Single player Empty
PostSubject: Tales of Valor Information, Multiplayer/Single player   Tales of Valor Information, Multiplayer/Single player EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 1:40 am

Single Player:
For single player, there are 3 new campaigns. Tiger Ace (Obvious highlight of ToV, German campaign), Causeway (U.S Paratrooper campaign), and Falaise Pocket (German campaign). Official details on the Tiger Ace campaign can be found here:

Additional details can be found online, as most information has only been on the campaigns so far.

As everyone already knows, ToV introduces a new feature called Direct Fire, available for certain units in the campaigns and in one of the new MP modes called "Panzerkrieg". You can watch videos to see what it looks like, but basically it gives the player more control over their unit's weapon. When toggled on, Direct Fire makes the unit (or the turret) aim to where the cursor is aiming, and it only fires when the player clicks. Reload time is tracked via the cursor/ability, and obviously you have to wait while reloading before firing again.

As with most RTS games, the campaign features new units and abilities that are not used in multiplayer for obvious reasons. These include the Tiger Ace crew and the Able/Baker paratrooper squads. However, some new campaign only things seem fair game for MP usage, and may be possible additions in the future (Pure speculation here). These include anti-tank rifles (Boys Anti-Tank Rifle) and S-Mines (aka Bouncing Betty)

For multiplayer, there are 3 new modes being added. I'll copy and paste what I said before, with a bunch of edits:

Invasion (Operation Stonewall) is a defence game. You and a bunch of other players co-operatively defend something by surviving through (presumably) endless waves of increasingly difficult enemies. There are things like capturable buildings that grant bonuses, and you gain resources by destroying enemy units. If you've ever played a Tower Defence kind of game (Of course, this is with units, not towers only), this will be familiar territory.
Official details can be found here:

Assault is something similar to AoS-style games, or if you prefer more popular terms, "DotA", a popular custom map from Warcraft 3. AoS (Aeon of Strife I believe) was a custom map concept made way back in Starcraft that launched into complete stardom, with many other custom maps of Blizzard's games using the same concept/template as it once did. If you're unfamiliar with AoS games, basically, each player gets a special individual, usually a "Hero" unit. The ultimate goal is to advance through an enemy's base and destroy something. During the game, AI controlled units called "Creeps" are periodically spawned, and follow a simple path towards the enemy base. The "Heroes" fight alongside their creeps, destroying the enemy's creeps while leveling up and dealing as much damage to enemy defences (like towers/turrets/whatever), until eventually it is destroyed and they can proceed further down the enemy's territory. Players usually play safe until they gain enough levels, then proceed to "gank" (gang kill) enemy heroes by preparing ambushes along these linear paths and such. It's a simple, addictive gameplay style that has been working for almost a decade. Generally these kinds of games take a long time to complete, and there are other factors for the player's heroes, such as items and such. Again, not much info has been given to us on this, but I would not be surprised if call-in's and other special abilities made an appearance. And since it's CoH, it should be interesting, as CoH's engine allow for a lot of different things than Warcraft and such. Note that AoS games are human team vs human team with AI controlled "creeps" and bases for both sides.

Panzerkrieg is the only MP mode that uses direct fire. Not much info has been given on this as well, besides that fact that each player gets to choose a tank and hunt down the enemy team. Direct fire should make things interesting, and call-in's/special abilities/victory points may be in this mode. It's human team vs human team as well.

In addition, there are 8 new vehicle units being introduced with ToV, with 2 per faction. However, they work differently. These units serve as alternative options that can be "swapped" with a "classic" unit that fills the same role. These new units will have differences, but overall, they will still fill the same role (ideally) as the unit it is replacing. This supposedly will allow better flexibility and pre-game strategy planning, while keeping balance woes to a minimum.

The new units so far, as stated by Imperial Dane (I edited to make it a little more professional) are:
Confirmed officially:

M18 Hellcat (Tank Destroyer) (Not confirmed, but suspected as alternative to M10 Wolverine)

Kangaroo (Armoured Personnel Carrier) (Confirmed as alternative to Bren Carrier)

T17 Staghound (Armoured Car) (Confirmed as alternative to Stuart)

VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen (Car) (Not confirmed, but suspected as alternative to Motorcycle or Kettenkrad)

Not officially confirmed but seen in various media (videos/screenshots):

Hotchkiss (Light Tank, don't know what variant)

Gesch├╝tzwagen (Tank Destroyer. This is a generic term and I don't know the exact vehicle being used in the game)

That leaves 2 more units (one for U.S, one for either Axis factions) to be revealed.

In addition, ToV may or may not bring new maps, balance changes, etc. when it comes out.
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Tales of Valor Information, Multiplayer/Single player Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tales of Valor Information, Multiplayer/Single player   Tales of Valor Information, Multiplayer/Single player EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 5:50 am

is there a website with the realease date and videos?
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Tales of Valor Information, Multiplayer/Single player
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