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 TeamSpeak Guidelines

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Barrett Osis
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CZG Senior Admin
Barrett Osis

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TeamSpeak Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: TeamSpeak Guidelines   TeamSpeak Guidelines EmptyFri Jan 02, 2009 8:51 pm

Our TeamSpeak address is

Here at Chill Zone Gaming, we feel a set of TeamSpeak (or Ventrillo) Guidelines will keep everything running smoother. This will also help to ensure Chill Zone Gaming is a more relaxed and friendly place to visit. So please do your best in performing these guidelines because administrative action is needed otherwise.

1st. CHEATS and HACKS will NOT be tolerated here at Chill Zone Gaming. We consider anything that creates or places your opponent in an unfair advantage, a cheat or a hack. We will not tolerate the transfer, designing or discussion of these on our Teamspeak. Also, if you feel your opponent is cheating or hacking, it is not OK to do the same to them. We are better than this.

2nd. If you see a member that has U17 behind thier name, please refrain from discussing deep adult conversation within ear shot from them.

3rd. Not all of us are going to get along. There will always be a chance of personality conflicts. Here's what you do. Either mute the indivual in question or switch channels. Simple as that.

4th. Respect, Respect Respect!!!!
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TeamSpeak Guidelines
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