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 Chill Zone Gaming Expansion V2.0

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Should we "Umbrella" TZS
Yes, let's do this with open arms!!!
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 71% [ 5 ]
I think we should pass.
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 29% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 7

Barrett Osis
CZG Senior Admin
CZG Senior Admin
Barrett Osis

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Chill Zone Gaming Expansion V2.0 Empty
PostSubject: Chill Zone Gaming Expansion V2.0   Chill Zone Gaming Expansion V2.0 EmptyFri May 22, 2009 1:20 am

CZG is considered a community. This is why we welcome others from different Clans, Guilds, etc.

With that in mind, we are exploring the option of having "Team Zombie Slayer" (TZS), join our ranks. TZS is headed up by Rippie (previously from FUBAR) and BruceBigalow (still in Clan FUBAR). They will bring a more FPS theme with them. They currently are hosting 4 servers (between COD4 and COD5), with a Left 4 dead and Battlefield server in the planning stages.

Officially, we will still be ChillZone Gaming Community!! But TZS will be "umbrella'd" underneath us as a Team. They will populate our Teamspeak, receive thier own "members only" Teamspeak, recieve some SA rights, and be included (somehow) into our Logo. We do ask that CZG members refrain from thier Password protected channel and they will do like wise.

In return, we will see increased traffic in our FPS section of Teamspeak and receive some private slots on thier servers.

They will still keep thier TZS tags and we will still have our CZG tags. Our membership will remain that same for the time being but some Teamspeak Priveledges may be altered. We may introduce the Operator Level of Teamspeak. But time will tell on that one. Teamspeak Registration right privledges will be granted the same.

What I'm looking for from all registered users, is your input. I am also looking for a yes or no vote on this. If you are not sure, please do not vote. I will count a yes and no as one point. But I will not disclose what percentage is needed to pass this.

It was mentioned that I did not provide enough information on TZS in V1.0. So here it goes.

Sadly, Rippie made a big mistake (and he will admit it) and downloaded a program that was flagged as a hack on PunkBuster. This is why FUBAR had to dismiss him as a member.

This has the potential to impact us. But to remain neutral, please ask Rippie for the story. and check to see how PunkBuster works.
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Chill Zone Gaming Expansion V2.0
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